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Aero- and Performance Parts

We offer everything that changes the look of your ride:
Aero Kits, Front Lips, Side Skirts, Diffusers, Spoilers, Widebody Kits, ... made of fiberglass, ABS or composite materials like kevlar or carbon fiber or forged carbon fiber.
LSD-door kits, interior upgrades, custom steering wheels, wheels, ....

But we also offer parts that change the performance level of your vehicle, from daily-driver until sportscars:
Cold air intake kits, exhaust upgrades, performance 'packs', lowering kits, leveling kits, improved handling kits, ...

Our main goal by supplying all these parts is to bring you the joy you always dreamt of by just riding your dream.

Next to the parts listed in our online showroom, we mostly work on demand.
Contact us with your vehicle's details and what you're specifically searching for for a personal-quotation.
If you're interested in a complete-pack containing more parts or high-end upgrades, please give us a budget-cap to work within.

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