Naxcar Exclusive: High-End Automotive Solutions

Meet the Naxcar Team

N: Nancy, she's the awesome Mom of our Naxcar-family
and responsible for the automotive-addiction in our family.
When you give us a call, there's a 90% chance you'll reach Nancy.
She also answers mails and makes quotes.
Nancy is also in charge of the Paperwork.
Favorite Sportscar: Ferrari F8 Spider or SRT Viper T/A*
Favorite Luxury Car: (Too hard to make a decision)*
Favorite Daily-Driver: Jeep GC SRT Trackhawk*

A: Aaron, the Car-Crazy son of the Naxcar-family,
his passion for Cars is outrageous (some even call it an addiction),
 this passion started not so long after he entered earth back in 1991.
Aaron is the specialist in Carbon Fiber Solutions and High-End Parts.
As a certified body-shop expert he can visualize how a complete setup will or won't work
and he can make you a custom wheel design on your desires.
He's in charge for incoming requests and quotes.
He is also the man behind our Website, Marketing and Social Network.
Favorite Sportscar: Lamborghini Huracan*
Favorite Luxury Car: Rolls-Royce Cullinan op Forgiato Trimestre-M Wheels
Favorite Daily-Driver: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio*

X: Xana, the Polyglot and daughter of the Naxcar-family.
She calls herself the quiet Partner, but loud marketeer.
Languages are her cup of tea. International contacts in French, German or Italian, contact Xana.
Favorite Sportscar: Bugatti Veyron*
Favorite Luxeury Car: Bentley Bentayga*
Favoriee Daily-Driver: Jeep GC SRT Trackhawk*

* (The decision was very hard to make, there are just so many awesome vehicles too choose from.)

Our passion is a special Family thing that started more than 60 years ago...

A family filled with 'Car-minded'- people, who enjoy the 'Sunday Cruise' more than
a great stack of pancakes in the weekends. (or let's have the pancakes and take a cruise afterwards).

Our great-grandfather is the reason why we all got this 'car virus',
when he started his Auto-Repair & Body-Shop in the center of Antwerp, during World War II.
During this period he was one of the first who drove a Big American car in Belgium.
He passed his car passion on to our grandmother, who passed it on to her daughter and grand-kids... 

We still have one thing in particular, in common with our great-grandfather:
We want to offer something special and exclusive in our industry.

With the biggest change years ago in the Automotive Industry, Composite Materials:
we knew it would be that what we wanted to do, that's how Naxcar Exclusive was born.

Take our word for it, all the parts listed on this website are made by Real Pro's
when it comes to designing and manufacturing Body Kits & Accessories for the High-End Car Scene.

NaxcarExclusive is part of NAXCAR bv.

Office address:
Teunestraat 66
3640 Kinrooi (Limburg) - Belgium
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