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Custom Design Wheels 18"-

Custom Designed Wheels Custom Design Wheels 18"-

Custom Designed Wheels Custom Design Wheels 18"-
Stop dreaming about that set, we'll create it!

Do you have one particular set in mind that will suit your vehicle exceptionally good, but ain't available in your size ?
The wheel set of your desires that is unreachable...

No more sad mornings after dreaming about them from now on! We can create your dream and turn it into reality!
Available from 18" wheels until... .

We offer you the complete package with these Custom Forged Wheels: from designing, over creating until stealing the show while driving them.

Aluminum Forged Wheels are manufactured from a billet, or a large square piece of solid metal.
The billet is heated to extreme temperatures and pressurized to take its shape.
This thermal cycle process causes forged wheels to be stronger than cast wheels due to grain refinement.
Forged wheels are approx. 15% lighter than cast wheels, without losing their strength.
At last these wheels will give a better driving-experience and finer steer-feeling.

How goes the process to build my Custom Forged Wheel Set ?
  1. We take note of your desires: The kind of Design and Color you're looking for (Almost all wheel designs are possible)
  2. Price Quote: We will make you a quote after receiving the details regarding design and vehicle specs.  
  3. Creation of 3D CAD Drawings to make sure this is the wheel you want and to check upon failures in strength with the Strength-calculator.
  4. After confirmation from your side, we'll set the production process in action and start building your dream.
  5. The Wheels will get the color finish from your desires and will be shipped out to our address regarding the selected delivery time (5-12 weeks).
Interested in giving birth to the set of your dreams ?
Contact us today with your fantasies about the perfect set and we'll make your dreams come true.

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